Mike Wilson, M.D.
Cardiology-Texas Heart Institute

Mike Wilson, M.D., will be joining Dr. Galati this week to discuss a number of news articles from the world of cardiology that have been in the news this past week. 

Dr. Wilson is a cardiologist practicing at St. Luke''s Episcopal Hospital/Texas Heart Institute, and is in practice with Hall Garcia Cardiology Associates.

Dr. Mike Wilson is a  cardiologist with specialized training in coronary and peripheral vascular interventions. Dr. Wilson was born and raised in Louisiana , and  completed his undergraduate education at Louisiana  Tech University. After graduating in the top of his class at  Tulane University Medical School, he went on to complete training  in Internal Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. He then completed  training in Cardiovascular Disease at the Texas Heart Institute  where he performed research exploring the origin of unstable  coronary syndromes, the use of antithrombotic therapy during  coronary intervention, appropriate methods of revascularization,  and the treatment of coronary stent restenosis.   Dr. Wilson is a member of numerous medical  and honor societies.

Over the years, Dr. Wilson has been the recipient of numerous awards including  past appointments as chief medical resident, chief cardiology  fellow and most outstanding cardiology fellow. He currently holds  an appointment as Clinical Instructor at the Baylor College of  Medicine and actively participates in the training of medical  students, residents and cardiology fellows. In addition to coronary  atherosclerosis, his interests include the use of pulmonary artery  input impedence in the evaluation of pulmonary hypertension and  the evaluation of ventricular function in the setting of mitral  regurgitation.

This past week, former Enron CEO, Ken Lay, died from what was described as a "massive heart attack". Speculation was raised that stress was an underlying cause of these events. Dr. Wilson will discuss the role of stress on the heart, and what can be done to reduce this deadly force.