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Heart Disease in Women

There is a popular misconception that heart disease does not affect women. Many women who are at risk for cardiovascular events may not be taking appropriate action.

Recent studies indicate that 46% of women 40 and older, with increased cardiac risks, are under-treated with medical therapy such as low-dose aspirin.

Despite significant educational efforts in recent years to elevate Americans'' awareness of the risk factors for heart attack, recurrent stroke and other cardiovascular events, many women still think heart disease is just a man''s disease".

While heart disease is the number one killer of American women, only 36% of the increased-risk women responding to a recent survey selected heart attack as the health condition they personally feared -- behind Alzheimer''s (39%), stroke (39%) and breast cancer (36%).

In addition to flowers and chocolate hearts the Valentines Day season, think about heart disease in the women we love.