Dr. Joe GalatiYour Health First is an informational medical radio program, not an infomercial. 
Dr. Galati doesn’t have a library of books, or a warehouse of supplements he is selling.  The goal is to communicate how to be healthy – period.
Dr. Joe Galati


Your Health First is the most consumer focused medical radio program available. Listeners find the information from Dr. Galati and his Your Health First experts easy to understand and easy to implement. 

The result – an improved quality of life.



Liver specialists of texas
provides a wide range of specialized care to patients with digestive and liver disorders.

Our main office, located in St. Luke's Medical Towers, is a 4300 square foot facility, with a spacious waiting room, 5 examinations rooms, a patient/family education classroom, and physician consultation offices. Our warm receptive staff is available for all of your needs. At this location, all of the outpatient consultations take place. Detailed medical histories are obtained along with a thorough physical examination.

Old medical records are reviewed by Dr. Galati, as well as previously performed x-rays including ultrasound, MRI, and CAT scans. Liver biopsy specimens can also be reviewed on a microscope in the office. These x-rays and biopsies are reviewed directly with the patients, giving them a more complete explanation of there condition. A full report to your referring physician is dictated immediately once the visit is complete. For foreign visitors, a wide range of interpreter services is available. More Info