This is a video produced by Liver Specialists of Texas, located in Houston, Texas, presented by Dr. Jennifer Pate, a psychiatrist specializing in the care of patients with chronic liver disease. Dr. Pate discusses the neuro-psychaitric complications of hepatitis C therapy, including depression, bi-polar disorder, and the use of pain medications, marijuana, and alcohol. The importance of a support team during treatment is also discussed.

Interferon, ribavirin, and the new FDA approved protease inhibitors are all used to treat hepatitis C. It is well know that this therapy is associated with a number of side effects, many of which can cause psychiatric events. With close monitoring and regular input from a mental health professional, hepatitis C therapy can be successful in curing the virus.

Dr. Galati and the Liver Specialists of Texas Hepatitis C Treatment Team can be reached at or 713-794-0700.