Alcoholism and addiction is a major health problem for America.  Both of these problems disrupt families, education, relationships, and ones personal success. This week, George Joseph, CEO of The Right Step, and Jason Powers, M.D., Medical Director of The Right Step, will join Dr. Galati for an overview of the problems related to alcoholism and addiction, and to inform the listeners the warning signs of trouble that requires action. 
Located in Houston and surrounding communities, The Right Step offers therapy for every facet of alcoholism and substance abuse issues.  Expanding there services, George Joseph established Spirit Lodge, located in the Texas Hill Country.  Located on a private 8-acre plateau with panoramic vistas of the rolling hills outside Austin, TX, Spirit Lodge helps men and women struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse reclaim their lives. Our highly individualized treatment program assesses and meets the unique physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual needs of each client. That is because we recognize that there is no such thing as a "typical" addict.

George Joseph took over the reins of The Right Step in 1994, when the company had one location- a residential treatment program in Houston. His vision and passion is evidenced by the fact that The Right Step is now the largest provider of drug and alcohol treatment services in the Southwest, serving over 3500 individuals last year. He remains successful in his mission of maintaining high quality and affordable services for adolescents, adults, and their families seeking a life without the devastation of active addiction. With 25 years of experience in the field of recovery and treatment, George's insight, knowledge, and leadership is well regarded within the field as well as among The Right Step organization.

Using his own struggles in his youth as a springboard to help others, George began his career in the chemical dependency field in 1983. He worked at Parkside Lodge for 5 years prior to The Right Step. In addition to his unwavering commitment to clients and creating a caring organization, the years of hard work were recognized during 1999 and 2000 when George won the triple crown of counseling. In 1999, he captured honors as the Houston and State of Texas Counselor of the Year presented by the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals. In 2000, he won the highest honor given to a counselor in our nation, the 2000 Lora Roe Memorial Counselor of the Year, awarded by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).

George does not limit his outreach just to The Right Step, but is involved on both the local and state levels of counseling professional organizations, serves on school boards, is appointed on advisory councils for spiritually based organizations, and sponsors various sober recreation groups.

He is married with two children, and despite being over 40, maintains a respectable golf handicap and bragging rights in his basketball league. 

Prior to joining The Right Step in 2006, Dr. Powers served as an attending physician at Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center and as an assistant professor in the department of family and community medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. 

Previously, he operated an outpatient primary care and addiction & recovery medical practice and a private medical practice in Houston. He also worked as an associate physician, specializing in addiction & recovery and family medicine for the Contemporary Medicine Associates in Houston, Texas. 

Dr. Powers received his medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. While in school, he was the recipient of several academic scholarships including the Kellogg Foundation Academics Scholarship and the Student Senate Endowed Academic Scholarship. Dr. Jason Powers is an Addictionologist (M.D.) and voted as one of Houston's "Top 50 Doctors" for two years running. Dr. Powers serves as the local expert and as a steering committee member for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

In addition to his engaging personality, he actually takes time to understand his patients and work with the families. Dr. Powers is married to a beautiful wife and has two loving kids who he enjoys spending time with. He also enjoys yoga and camping.
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