The Medicine Abuse Project: Tom Hedrick with The Partnership at DRUGFREE.ORG

This evening, Dr. Joe Galati will be joined by Tom Hedrick, Founding Member, and Senior Communications Officer at The Partnership at DRUGFREE.ORG.
This week kicks off a nationwide effert to raise awareness to the massive public health problem of prescription pain medicine abuse. The statistics are staggering. Ninety percent of addiction starts in teenage years; 1 in 6 teens use prescription drugs to cope with the stress of school; 65% of teens get their prescription medicines from their home or friends; more Americans die from drug overdose that car accidents. One person dies every 19 minutes from a drug overdose in America.
Details on the Medicine Abuse Project are listed below. Take the pledge and share this information with all you know.
The Partnership Homepage: Your One Stop for Drug Abuse Information
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