This week on Your Health First, Jennifer Pate, M.D., Chief of Psychaiatry at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, will be joining Dr. Galati to discuss teenage drug abuse. The front line of defence, in most cases, is to have parents that are alert to both the potential risk factors for teenage drug abuse, as well as knowing the signs that your teen is indeed using drugs. Swift action is always required to prevent serious complications.

Knowing what to look for is a huge help in determining whether your child is drinking or using drugs – If you’re familiar with the signs of drug use, that knowledge can aid you in gathering evidence and starting the conversation. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use.
Keep in mind: Many of these signs of drug use or alcohol use – in isolation – may be just normal teen behavior.
Mood swings or changes in behavior are a standard part of growing up as teens make the transition from childhood to adulthood. However, as you start to recognize more and more of thethese signs and symptoms in your teen, a picture of drug or alcohol use may begin to become clear.
A number of excellent websites are listed below, reviewed by Dr. Jennifer Pate and Dr. Joe Galati. Review theses resources, and share them with family, friends, and your children.
Drug and Alcohol Information (US Department of Public Health)
Partnership for a Drug Free American provides a free on-line book discussing how to best deal with a child consuming alcohol or drugs. You can download the book here