"Paleo Diet" is a new term, and tonight on Your Health First, Leigh Garcia, a twenty year old student at University of Pennsylvania, will explain what this means. Leigh has started a blog on the paleo lifestyle, and hopes to explain what this diet and way of living is all about. 
Leigh states in a recent blog entry:   
 Since I've become a Paleo/Primal enthusiast, I've been on a mission to find some of the best recipes so I can spice up my meals. I've read countless blogs, hunted down low-carb cookbooks so I can "Paleo-ify" the recipes, and spent entirely too much time obsessing about how I can use my dining hall's resources to make some really awesome recipes. Keep in mind that I really don't cook all that often in the first place-- mostly due to the convenience of my meal plan, but also because I only started cooking last summer and am still pretty clueless about many cooking techniques and spices.
I hit jackpot when I was contacted by Sebastien Noel (of the amazing www.paleodietlifestyle.com) and given access to The Paleo Recipe Book.Instead of doing my homework, I read through it all and learned a hell of a lot more than I would've reading for class... and I'm really glad I did. Not only is there an abundance of delicious recipes, but the conversion tables, food list, and step-by-step instructions for cooking techniques are so helpful... especially if you're like me and are cooking-illiterate!
Clueless about different types of steak? He's got you covered. Unsure about cooking stocks? He's got you covered. Overwhelmed by all of the spices out there? He's got you covered. Want to know how to make vinaigrettes and condiments? He's got you covered.
And if you're a Paleo/Primal eater or just a hungry foodie, he's really got you covered.
The Paleo Recipe Bookis not your average cookbook-- it's a shopping guide, a how-to manual, a fact book, a collection of mouth-watering pictures of primal foods, and, of course, an all-around fantastic compilation of recipes that use a vast variety of ingredients and represent cuisines from all over the world. In the mood for Indian? Choose from quite a few different curry recipes. How about Italian? Yum, Osso Bucco... and Marinara sauce... and paleo lasagna! The diversity of recipes in this cookbook is absolutely fantastic-- no matter what type of food you're craving, something in this book will satisfy you!