October is "Talk About Prescription Month" across America.

 Our theme this year, "Communication is Key!" reflects the fact that better medicine communication between consumers and their healthcare providers can lead to safe and appropriate medicine use – and better health. Implicit in this year's theme is that high-quality communication about medicines – at every teachable moment – must occur to better ensure that consumers derive maximum benefit (and minimum risk) from their prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. Our theme this year also is intended to recognize the great job that NCPIE member organizations are doing — as well as others — to improve the dialogue about medicines.

We are pleased this October – and beyond – to cast the spotlight on those organizations who are committed to safe and appropriate medicine use by deed and example, including NCPIE members and others. We encourage you review all the products, programs, or services available to help you support proper use of medicines all year long.

Below you will find articles, factoids, and links to several new NCPIE resources as well as medicine information and education resources/programs from a number of NCPIE members, partners and others committed to safe medicine use through better medicine communication. These include electronic media, PowerPoint presentations, new downloadable leave-behind handouts, and more. Please visit these sites and make use of the all the messages and materials that fit your organizational purpose and function.
Links of interest are posted below.
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