This past Friday, I underwent a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer. I asked my colleague and friend Dr. Isaac Raijman to perform the procedure. The good news is that there were no serious findings, only some diverticulosis and a small polyp was found.
Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Raijman will join me to discuss colon cancer screening.
Colon cancer screening is recommended for all adults over the age of 50. If there is a family history of colon cancer, screening needs to start sooner.
Recent research has clearly indicated that colonoscopy for screening saves lives. There had been some questions regarding the value of screening colonoscopy, but now there is no doubt.
Colonoscopy screens for pre-cancerous polyps such as those seen in this video. When found, they are removed, and preventing further growth and the potential for cancer development. 
Diverticulosis was also found during my procedure. Described as mild in my case, they can progress to more serious findings, as seen in this recent video. A diet high in fiber is the best approach to avoiding diverticulosis.
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