Dr. Maria Finnell will join Dr. Galati this week to discuss a growing public health concern-tuberculosis. More and more cases are being documented, and the best method to treat these individuals, many of which are children, is under change. An expert in this area, Dr. Finnell will discuss her latest research, and explain what we all need to do to keep healthy.

Maria Finnell, MD grew up in Sweden and received her medical degree from the Karolinksa Institute, Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. She completed her residency in pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2005. During the following two years she served first as one of the pediatric chief residents and later as faculty at her training institution. She began the Children's Health Services Research Fellowship Program in July of 2007.
Dr. Finnell's research interests are computer-based decision analysis and quality of life measurements. She has applied decision analysis for recommendations around pediatric latent TB treatment, and is currently working on projects regarding pediatric urinary tract infection guidelines. She is pursuing a Master's in Clinical Science. Dr. Finnell also works in the International Adoption Clinic at Riley Hospital, where she is a pediatric faculty member within the Pediatric Infectious Disease Division at Riley.
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