Mark Ghobrial, M.D.: Transplant and Organ Donation
Susan Escudier, M.D.: Cancer
John Fogarty, M.D.: Asthma

Every week, Dr. Galati and the Your Health First team receives dozens of e-mails regarding a wide range of topics related to health and wellness. This week, Dr. Galati decided to spend the hour talking about these questions and expanding the answers with experts in each of these areas.

Question 1: Nancy, 52 years old, Richmond, TX.

  "...with all the talk about cancer screening, I am ashamed to say that I have no idea what "cancer" is or how it all starts? " 

Question 2: Tim, 44 years old, Dallas, TX

"You talk about organ donation all the time, and I would like to be an organ donor one day. I have hepatitis C, and I am not sure if I can be a doner?"
Question 3: Louise, 39 year old female, Houston
"...I just moved to Houston from New Mexico and have asthma. I was told before I left that my asthma would get worse. Is this true, and what should I do now?"
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