Jen Murphy with the Wall Street Journal, who writes the "What's Your Workout" column for the WSJ, has produced yet another great topic to read and consider-Nordic Walking. This workout provides a full-body exercise, burning more calories than walking, and less impact on the joints. The article in its entirety can be read here.
 One of the most effective activities for burning calories and building cardio-vascular fitness is cross-country skiing because both large upper and lower body muscles are fully engaged. Imagine learning a technique, for all fitness levels, where you can achieve similar benefits year round, without snow, and without increased perceived exertion! Nordic Walking is regular walking made up to 40% more effective by the use of specifically designed hand-held Nordic Walker poles.
With the correct Nordic Walker technique, you can:
Benefits of Nordic Walking vs regular walking:
Burns up to 40% more calories
Reaches the same intensity of running without the high impact and without perceived exertion
Strengthen your upper body: stomach, chest, back and arms
Reduce the stress on the joints
Relieves neck and shoulder pain
Improves neck and chest mobility
Poles provides balance and stability
Increases safety of walking, preventing falling
Enhances mood
More Fun!