This week on Your Health First, Jack LaLanne will be joining Dr. Galati. The is no other person on earth that has had such a huge impact on health, wellness, exercise, and fitness as Jack LaLanne over the past century. When you think of exercise and fitness, Jack LaLanne comes to mind.

Fifty years ago, Jack was preaching the merits of exercise, good nutrition, and a healthly lifestyle. Those very words are true today. If you listed to his comments back then, they are appropriate for the health issues we face today, including obesity and their related health complications.

Jack LaLanne, often called the Godfather of Fitness, is a mover, shaker, and motivator. Jack is a pioneer who opened the first modern health spa in the United States in 1936, and in 1951, brought exercise to TV. Although now into his 90s, Jack looks 50. He and his wife Elaine speak all over the world, inspiring people to help themselves to a better life, physically, mentally, and morally. It is an honor to have Jack on the program this week to share his wisdom with the Your Health First listeners.
Taking a trip down memory lane, we have selected some of the more memorable moments of Jack LaLanne's career. Listen closely. His insight over 50 years ago ring true today.

"Tired People"
"The Perfect Lunch Menu"
"Sample Meal Plan"
"How to Cook Fish"