This week, Houston Chronicle reported Yang Wang will join Dr. Galati to discuss a recent article she wrote with fellow reporter Terri Langford on the dangers of driving in Houston.

We drive deadly fast and deadly drunk. We change lanes without signaling, run red lights and ignore stop signs.And each year, more than 500 of us die in fatal car crashes.

It's no surprise that Houston, which ranks first in population in Texas, also leads in traffic fatalities. But behind the numbers

are the troubling facts about the split-second mistakes that kill and maim — and where they happen.

In Harris County, where nearly 4 million of us live, more than 83 million miles are traveled daily over state highways. Add 1.6 million people from the surrounding eight counties and the Houston area is one of the biggest traffic centers in the nation.

To get a sense of where traffic fatalities happen and why, the Houston Chronicle plotted three years of crash data for the Houston area from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

“You've got a lot of vehicles, a lot of people,” said Carol Rawson, director of traffic operations for the Texas Department of Transportation. “It's just incredible to me. I'm always amazed about Houston.”
A detailed list of fatal Houston car accidents can be reviewed here