Celebrating Mother's Day, Dr Galati's mother, Agnes, will be a guest on the program this week. It has long been her opinion that it is the parent's responsibility to keep your children healthy, including the important task of feeding them well. Feeding your family well does not refer to the amount of food, but rather the quality of food they eat. Home cooking is something of a lost art in this disjointed, overactive society that we live in. We have created an environment that creates obesity, rather than control it.
The never ending availability of "ready to eat-throw in the microwave " foods is growing faster than ever. The nutritional value of these foods is poor, and they are "food product" rather that real foods from the ground. Careful review of these food show that they are excessive in sodium, carbohydrate, and fat content, fueling the obesity and diabetes problems we are facing.
Listed below are some of the companies producing these "food products". Review the nutritional content and see how poor they are, and why you want to avoid these at all costs. Instead, the argument can be made that it is far better to make these meals at home, providing vastly better food and nutritional value. Planning your meals for the week is the first step in feeding you family better.