Grandma Galati (aka Dr. Galati's mother)
"How to Feed Your Children in the Morning Before School"

Agnes Galati, Dr. Galati's mom, will be a special guest on the program this week. It is National School Breakfast Week, as well as National Nutrition Month. Understanding nutrition, and how to feed your family is the first line of defense against the global war on obesity. Mama Galati is a superb cook, and over the years has become a self taught student of nutrition and healthly cooking. While home-made Italian cooking is her area of expertice, healthy cooking for infants, children, teenagers, and grown adults is her real passion. She will share her tips on how to get children off to school with a full stomach of nutritious food, preparing them for a long day at school. Research continues to prove that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and attention needs to be paid to this daily activity. With just a little planning, breakfast can turn out to be an enjoyable meal for your well as everyone else in the family.
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