No stranger to Your Health First, my mother will be joining us tonight to discuss her lifelong passion of feeding her family. The perfect Italian Grandmother, she will share with our listeners the tips to see that your children are well fed as the leave the house for school each morning. The medical research has shown over the past 25 years that well fed children in the morning do better is school, have better behavior, and have better control of their weight. Breakfast is the King of all meals.
Select web sites are listed below. With all topics related to nutrition, for both children and adults, there must be planning of the meals, so that you are not rushing last second to find healthy foods. Avoid all temptation to serve your
children sweet sugary foods, that seem convenient to prepare. The vast majority of breakfast cereals and other foods are high in fat, salt and sugar. As parents, it is your obligation to feed your children a nutritious breakfast.