Dr. Rensimer will join Dr. Galati this evening and talk about the Swine Flu, and update everyone where we stand over a week after its start.
After graduating from the Temple University School of Medicine in 1975, and subsequent training at Northwestern University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Dr. Rensimer has been practicing Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases subspecialty medicine in Houston, TX since 1981 at the International Medicine Center. He also holds a Certificate of Knowledge in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers' Health (ISTM and ASTMH). Since 1989, he has been developing physician-centric handheld computer software, culminating in earning two patents on his e/MD2 Portable Coding Software.
At the International Medicine Center, Dr. Rensimer uses his expertise to supervise the clinical care of our travelers. In addition to evaluating travelers at our Houston facilities, Dr. Rensimer manages the treatment of sick travelers abroad under our Doctor At A Distance? service in an emergency. Dr. Rensimer and other clinical staff members routinely participate
in educational events primarily targeted for promoting awareness of international health and safety issues to corporate managers and medical departments.