April is Donate Life Month, dedicated to educating the public about organ and tissue donation.

Approximately 17 people die each day while awaiting a life-saving organ transplant. They are among the 83,000 people nationwide who are on the national transplant waiting list. Additionally, there are tens of thousands of individuals who are awaiting life-enhancing bone, heart valve, vein, skin and corneal transplants. Each day the individuals who are waiting watch the list grow longer and longer.

The need for organs and tissues for transplant is increasing at a rapid rate, and the need far exceeds the availability of these organs and tissues. To combat this imbalance and to make the “decision to donate” more meaningful, state legislatures across the country are adopting measures to make it easier to become a donor and to recognize the right of individuals to have their decision carried out.

This wek, live from The Methodist Hospital, Dr. Galati will have as an expert, Dr. Guillermo Torre-Amione, the Medical Director of the Heart Transplant program at The Methodist Hospital, located in the world famous Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX. Dr. Torre will discuss diseases of the heart that lead to heart failure, and the need to be considered for heart transplant.
Cathering Graham, Communication Director for LifeGift Organ Donation Center, will discuss the basics or organ donation, and the Texas Organ Donor Registry.
Below are links of interest on heart diseas and organ donation: