The obesity epidemic in America is out of control. More adults than ever meet the criteria for obesity, and we are now finding that our children are growing into an obese lifestyle similar to their parents. Obesity is related to a number of factors which include poor dietary choices with the intake of foods high in fat, salt, and sugar, as well as a lack of vigorous physical activity. We are at a point now in our country, where the cost of dealing with obesity related medical conditions is enough to bankrupt our healthcare system. The health care costs associated with the management and treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, and the orthopedic problems related to
obesity are staggering. Every week, we stressed the importance of developing good dietary habits as well as the need to increase our physical activity.
This week, Dr. Galati he will be joined by Cari Shoemake and Carrie Barnhart  who are experts in the field of physical training. They both run Bombshell  Bootcamp, located in Houston Texas. They will discuss on the program various strategies to increase your physical activity through a variety of routine. Over the past decade, there had been more choices for individuals to participate in some form of regular physical activity with a numerous health club and workout facilities that seemed to be on every street corner. Personal trainer's, once thought of for only the  wealthy, is now much more common place. At home workout routine found on the Internet or on DVD's, are equally popular.