Anahad O'Connor from the NY Times, will be joining Dr. Joe Galati this evening to discuss two of his latest articles published in the Times. Anahad is a journalist and staff reporter for the New York Times. He joined the Times in 2003 and writes about consumer health, science and national issues. He is also a bestselling author. O'Connor studied neuroscience and has a degree in psychology from Yale University.

The first article has to do with dietary supplements and cardiac health. Bottom line: they don't work. Only a low salt diet, omega-3-fatty acids (those in fish oil, and folate supplements may work, though there are details in the recommendations that don't give these supplemnts a 100% clear need to take. The article is available here for review. A quote from the article: “People who are taking these supplements for the sake of improving their cardiovascular health are wasting their money,” said Dr. Safi U. Khan, an assistant professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and the lead author of the new study.

The second article, available here for review, looks at the health and metabolic value of reducing your daily calorie intake by 300 calories/day. Amazing research discussed in the article and with Anahad on the radio this evening.

Stay tuned for the podcast of the interview if you miss tonight.