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Dr. Joe Galati: Wake Up Call Part 1

Part 1 of the #WakeUpCall presentation in #NewOrleans a few weeks ago. I discuss personal strategies to maintain #wellness, reduce #chronicdisease, and avoid #liverdisease. It was a half-day program sponsored by #EOLouisiana. Dr. Galati share some personal insight into the origins of the Family, Faith, and Food concept he writes about in his book, Eating Yourself Sick. The entire program will be released in the days to come. Stay tuned. #obesity ha#fattyliver #heartdisease #health #eonation #entrepreneursorganization #EO

Ray Yslas Joins Dr. Joe Galati

Famed percissionist for the rock band CHICAGO, Ray Yslas, joins Dr. Joe Galati discussing health and wellness strategies while touring on the road. This is an insightful interview, with a window into the life on the road with this iconic American band.  Dr. Galati hosts Your Health First every Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. CST. Joining Dr. Galati in the studio is Bridget Gleason, Booking Producer for Fox & Friends, seen on the Fox News Channel.

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas from Dr. Joe Galati and You Health First

EAT Juicer Blender/magic bullet Water bottles (with built-in filter, stainless steel) CSA membership (Community Support Agriculture -- Local organic produce delivered to your door) Tea set (with variety of teas) Tea of the month club membership Cooking classes Nuts & Fruit baskets Harry & David Fresh Fruit Gifts ($24.95 and up) You have to eat right to think right. Why would you give the people you love foods like chocolate, cookies, and cakes that work on the heroin centers in the brain and lower brain function? If you love your friends, shower them with some of the 50 best brain foods like apples, oranges, and peaches. Cookbooks Food steamer Food dehydrator Food blender (make protein shakes) Lunch bag/cooler Food scale Brain Healthy Spices ($3 and up) For the cooks on your list, spice up their life with a gift of …

Fathers Day and Family Wellness: Attorney Steve Bain Talks with Dr. Galati

Tonight on the Father's Day edition of Your Health First, Houston Attorney Steve Bain talks with Dr. Galati about the role fathers have in maintaining the health and wellness of their family. Links of interest this Father's Day are posted below. Fathers Role in Wellness The Role of Dads in Healthy Children The Involved Father Responsible Dads and Healthy Families Steve Bain

Dr. Joe Galati Discusses Minority Health

The month of April is Monority Health Awareness Month. This is a great time to discuss with everyone, regardless of ethnic status, health and wellness. The big topics for discussion are obesity, diabetes, hypertension, alcohol abuse, smoking, and cancer risk factors. Here are various risks to review and share. Blood pressure Diabetes Weight loss and obesity Alcohol use Colon cancer

OBESITY: This Weeks Discussion with Dr. Joe Galati

This week on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati will be discussing obesity. A common topic that is discussed, Dr. Galati will have several guests on this evening covering several aspects of this public health epidemic. Dr. Rashid Khan, a liver specialist with Liver Specialists of Texas will discuss fatty liver disease. Commonly seen in patients that are obese and who have diabetes, fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis and serious health consequences. Fatty Liver Disease Links: Liver Specialists of Texas Fatty Liver Video Dr. Rashid Khan: Fatty Liver Blog Fatty Liver Information for Patients Get an Evaluation of Fatty Liver by Dr. Rashid Khan   Celeste Varieur, R.N. is Dr. Galati's sister, and she has been involved in health and wellness for the past 20 years. Celeste will discuss tips for feeding families, and recommendations for improved nutrition for …

Life at 91: Lessons on Longevity from my Father

In November, my father turned 91. Many ask him what his key to longevity is? He will be on the program tonight with me outlining his ideas on this. Generally speaking, my father never did anything in excess. He quit smoking over 50 years ago, never became intoxicated from alcohol (but has enjoyed a Jonny Walker Black on the rocks occasionally), ate in moderation, remained active, and has had an excellent marriage for the past 62 years. Regarding food, a common topic we discuss on Your Health First, he and my mom still prepare fresh food daily, chopping vegetables, and taking the time to prepare and cook their meals. I have always felt this is a lost art. People, both young and old, are simply too lazy to cook. The result of this laziness is clearly evident: GLOBAL OBESITY. Tune …

Town Hall Meeting: The Wake up Call

Remember to save the date for the Town Hall Meeting Dr. Galati and the Your Health First Team is sponsoring. The "Wake Up Call" will discuss a wide range of health and wellness topics, including obesity, diabetes, cancer prevention and screeing, alcohol abuse and addiction, exercise, cooking, and how to get you back on track from a health standpoint. Call our radio program line at 888-GET-YHF-1 or e-mail Rachel Silver at and request your e-ticket. Tell a friend!