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Think Organ Donation as a Gift This Christmas

Dr. Galati was pleased to have Laura Davis, Director of Communications for LifeGift, on the radio tonight, to discuss organ donation, and how talking about this topic with your family can be considered a Christmas gift. Over 115,000 individuals are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants. Without donors, many will not survive the wait. We all recommend that everyone registers to become an organ donor by signing up on the Texas Organ Donation Registry on the Donate Life Texas site For more information on organ donation and LifeGift, see the links below. LifeGift Homepage Organ Donation Facts  

Should Alcoholics Get a Liver Transplant?

Whether or not alcoholic should receive a liver transplant is a tremendous debates currently in the public. Those that are against allowing alcoholics to get transplanted feel that the alcoholic patient brought the disease on upon him or herself. Why should a precious liver transplant go to somebody that was the cause of their demise? Considering donated organs are very hard to come by, this is a good question. On the other hand, it should be pointed out that individuals that go for a liver transplant that have alcoholic liver disease have some of the highest outcomes and survival. In this case, it is ethically difficult to deny patients that are alcoholics a liver transplant if the outcome is better or superior to other forms of liver disease. Alcoholics that go for a liver transplant have to have an intact …

Organ Donor Awareness Month: Live From The Methodist Hospital

Tonight, live from the lobby of The Methodist Hospital in Houston Texas, Dr. Galati will be broadcasting Your Health First to discuss organ donation with transplant experts and patients. Dr. Joe Galati will be joined by Dr. Osama Gaber, Director-Methodist Transplant Center, Matthias Loebe, M.D, Ph.D., Chief - Division of Transplantation and Assist Device, and Harish Seethamraju, M.D., Director-Thoracic Organ Percurement.    A copy of the Methodist Hospital Transplant Annual Report can be downloaded here.     April is Donate Life Month, dedicated to educating the public about organ and tissue donation. Approximately 17 people die each day while awaiting a life-saving organ transplant. They are among the 83,000 people nationwide who are on the national transplant waiting list. Additionally, there are tens of thousands of individuals who are awaiting life-enhancing bone, heart valve, vein, skin and corneal transplants. Each day …

Mark Ghobrial, M.D. Comes to Houston to Head Up Methodist Liver Transplant Program

Dr. Mark Ghobrial, a world famous liver transplant surgeon, will be coming to The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, to lead the liver transplant program.