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Dr. Joe Galati: Wake Up Call Part 1

Part 1 of the #WakeUpCall presentation in #NewOrleans a few weeks ago. I discuss personal strategies to maintain #wellness, reduce #chronicdisease, and avoid #liverdisease. It was a half-day program sponsored by #EOLouisiana. Dr. Galati share some personal insight into the origins of the Family, Faith, and Food concept he writes about in his book, Eating Yourself Sick. The entire program will be released in the days to come. Stay tuned. #obesity ha#fattyliver #heartdisease #health #eonation #entrepreneursorganization #EO

Purple Brussels Sprouts: Nutrition Information with Helen Yuan, RD

Helen Yuan, RD with Dr. Joe Galati and Liver Specialists of Texas, discusses the nutritional value of purple brussels sprouts. Easy to make, good tasting, and full of nutrients. Add them to your daily menu at home today. To contact Helen for a nutrition consultation, she can be reached at 713-794-0700 or through our website at

#Diabetes Special Program Tonight

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati will be joined by Anthony Santos, R.N., Nurse Practitioner, who for the past 10 years has specialized on diabetic patients and diabetic care. Anthony has just started working at Liver Specialists of Texas. Also joining tonights conversation will be Helen Yuan, RD, who manages the fatty liver cases at Liver Specialists of Texas with Dr. Galati. Tonight, they will discuss the following topics: Statistics on diabetes Type 1 vs Type 2 Risk factors for diabetes What is the general perception by the patient as to what diabetes is? What are the educational/knowledge gaps with the public regarding diabetes? Complications of diabetes? General comments on therapy for diabetes: insulin vs oral medicines? Comment on “tight control” of diabetes? Have we lost the ability to be “intensive” with DM control? It takes work and …

Anna Stuchly and Natalie Amante Join Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

With the Christmas and Holiday Season here, fighting weight gain and overeating is always a challenge. Tonight on Your Health First, Anna Stuchly and Natalie Amante will be in-studio with Dr. Joe Galati going over some practical guidelines on how to keep from overeating and gaining weight. See the articles below for some really good ideas to share and follow. 20 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain  Holiday Health Tips 50 Foods NOT to Eat This Holiday Season Healthy Foods to Serve this Christmas

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas from Dr. Joe Galati and You Health First

EAT Juicer Blender/magic bullet Water bottles (with built-in filter, stainless steel) CSA membership (Community Support Agriculture -- Local organic produce delivered to your door) Tea set (with variety of teas) Tea of the month club membership Cooking classes Nuts & Fruit baskets Harry & David Fresh Fruit Gifts ($24.95 and up) You have to eat right to think right. Why would you give the people you love foods like chocolate, cookies, and cakes that work on the heroin centers in the brain and lower brain function? If you love your friends, shower them with some of the 50 best brain foods like apples, oranges, and peaches. Cookbooks Food steamer Food dehydrator Food blender (make protein shakes) Lunch bag/cooler Food scale Brain Healthy Spices ($3 and up) For the cooks on your list, spice up their life with a gift of …

Obesity: Dr. Joe Galati Explains the Latest Data and Research

This week on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati discusses some of the latest research published related to the ever growing health problems related to obesity. With out a doubt, obesity is the #1 health related concern world-wide. Read more here: New England Journal of Medicine latest obesity article. One third of the world obese    

Obesity and Death: Edward Yu Discusses New Research with Dr. Joe Galati

Edward Yu, a researcher at Harvard University, joins Dr. Joe Galati tonight to discuss recent reearch that was recently published in Annals of Internal Medicine. The basis of the research is that obesity is tied to early death, from a wide range of causes. "Maximum overweight was also associated with increased cause-specific mortality, including death from cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease." This data further supports the idea that obesity is not a good thing to experience. Links related to obesity are posted below: Dr. Galati Discusses Obesity Research in Fatty Liver and Obesity Information on Obesity-NIH Why Obesity is a Problem Obesity Program at Harvard