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Willie Nelson Quits Pot

This week, it was made public that Willie Nelson has given up smoking marijuana. But he may still be using non-smoked weed. He is claiming lung damage as the reason behing his quitting. There is no doubt smoking pot harms your lungs. Posted below is a nice summary from the American Lung Associating outlining these findings. Marajuana and the Lungs #willienelson #marijuana #lungdisease

National Alcohol and Drug Fact Week

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati will be discussing National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week. Later this month, the week of January 25-31 is National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week. This is an excellent site to share with your teens, and for adults to better understand the current situations related to alcohol and drug abuse. Here are some selected links to look over and share. Cocaine Facts Marijuana Facts Brain and Addiction Drug IQ Challenge Drug Facts

Dabbing: The Latest Concern Regarding Marijuana

There is a new way to manipulate the marajuana plant. Making use a various chemicals, the process known as DABBING is becoming a new problems for those that are concerned about its use. A recent article in the journal Pediatrics summerizes the issues. Dr. Galati on the radio tonight reviews the article.