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Life at 91: Lessons on Longevity from my Father

In November, my father turned 91. Many ask him what his key to longevity is? He will be on the program tonight with me outlining his ideas on this. Generally speaking, my father never did anything in excess. He quit smoking over 50 years ago, never became intoxicated from alcohol (but has enjoyed a Jonny Walker Black on the rocks occasionally), ate in moderation, remained active, and has had an excellent marriage for the past 62 years. Regarding food, a common topic we discuss on Your Health First, he and my mom still prepare fresh food daily, chopping vegetables, and taking the time to prepare and cook their meals. I have always felt this is a lost art. People, both young and old, are simply too lazy to cook. The result of this laziness is clearly evident: GLOBAL OBESITY. Tune …