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#Diabetes Special Program Tonight

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati will be joined by Anthony Santos, R.N., Nurse Practitioner, who for the past 10 years has specialized on diabetic patients and diabetic care. Anthony has just started working at Liver Specialists of Texas. Also joining tonights conversation will be Helen Yuan, RD, who manages the fatty liver cases at Liver Specialists of Texas with Dr. Galati. Tonight, they will discuss the following topics: Statistics on diabetes Type 1 vs Type 2 Risk factors for diabetes What is the general perception by the patient as to what diabetes is? What are the educational/knowledge gaps with the public regarding diabetes? Complications of diabetes? General comments on therapy for diabetes: insulin vs oral medicines? Comment on “tight control” of diabetes? Have we lost the ability to be “intensive” with DM control? It takes work and …

Patient Experience at the Doctor's Office: Coby Tyner Explains

Coby Tyner is the Practice Administrator at Liver Specialists of Texas with Dr. Joe Galati. Coby joins Dr. Galati this evening on Yor Health First to give some usefull tips on how to have a better patient-physician experience. Coby will also mention that Liver Specialists of Texas has several positions available within the practice. If interested, reach out to Coby directly, either by e-mail ( or by phone 713-634-5103.  

Ask the Experts: Free Learning Program with Dr. Joe Galati

A free learning event, sponsored by the American Liver Foundation, will take place Thursday, January 19th, starting at 5:00 p.m. "Ask the Experts" will discuss several of the most important liver related topics facing the public, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Fatty Liver Disease. Along with Dr. Joe Galati, he will be joined by Dr. Charles Phan, and Dr. John Vierling. The event will take place at the Health Museum, located in Houston's Museum District, located at 1515 Hermann Drive. To RSVP the event, call 713-249-8325.

Questions About Diabetes: Dr. Sadhu Joins Dr. Galati

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Archana Sadhu will be joining Dr. Joe Galati, discussing a wide range of topics related to diabetes. Diabetes affects over 29,000,000 Americans. Dr. Sadhu is a diabetes expert at Houston Methodist Hospital. Links to share regarding diabetes are listed below. Diabetes Statistics Type 1 Diabetes information Type II Diabetes information Diabetes Meal Planning Diabetes Complications Fatty Liver: A Complication of Diabetes-Dr. Galati Explains Centers for Disease Control: Diabetes Page  

Dr. Rashid Khan Joins Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Rashid Khan, a Liver Specialist, will be joining Dr. Galati to discuss a wide range of topics related to liver disease and wellness. Read here for more information on Dr. Rashid Khan. Listen to the interviews here.

Fatty Liver Disease: Research Opportunities

As discussed on the radio tonight, there are research opportunities for adults with fatty liver disease. This also goes by the name of NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) and NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). Fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure. Dr. Galati is conducting clinical research on new medications to treat fatty liver. Contact his research team at 713-794-0700 and ask for Paula Juarez.

Should Alcoholics Get a Liver Transplant?

Whether or not alcoholic should receive a liver transplant is a tremendous debates currently in the public. Those that are against allowing alcoholics to get transplanted feel that the alcoholic patient brought the disease on upon him or herself. Why should a precious liver transplant go to somebody that was the cause of their demise? Considering donated organs are very hard to come by, this is a good question. On the other hand, it should be pointed out that individuals that go for a liver transplant that have alcoholic liver disease have some of the highest outcomes and survival. In this case, it is ethically difficult to deny patients that are alcoholics a liver transplant if the outcome is better or superior to other forms of liver disease. Alcoholics that go for a liver transplant have to have an intact …