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Dr. Howard Huang Discussed Lung Disease with Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

Dr. Howard Huang from Houston Methodist Hospital will be joining Dr. Joe Galati this evening to discuss lung disease and what you need to do to keep your lungs healthy. Dr. Huang is the Medical Director of the Lung Transplant program at Houston Methodist Hospital. Houston Methodist Hospital has one of the top lung transplant programs in the United States. Tonight, Dr. Huang and Galati will be talking about various forms of chronic lung disease, smoking, the ille-effects of vaping, and strategies to keep healthy. Check out these lung related topics to share. COPD Vaping Asthma Pulmonary Hypertension Lung Transplant

Health Gifts this Christmas Season: Dr. Galati Explains

Still in need of a last minute Christmas present? Dr. Joe Galati has made an outline of some presents to consider, that are both well priced for most budgets, and have an overall healthy theme to them. He will be discussing them on the radio tonight and explain further. The link to the article is posted. Click here for details and your buyers guide to some great healthful ideas!.

Gastroparesis Awareness Month-Dr. Joe Galati Discusses

The month of August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month. This is a very distressful medical condition, associated with a wide range of GI complaints. Common symptoms include the following: Symptoms that are characteristic of gastroparesis include: Nausea and/or vomiting Retching (dry heaves) Stomach fullness after a normal sized meal Early fullness (satiety) – the inability to finish a meal For more information, review these links: Symptoms of Gastroparesis Diagnosis of Gastroparesis Treatment Options 

Health Observances in May

Tonight Dr. Galati spends time discussing some of the Health Observances during the month of May. These include: Hepatitis Awareness Month Get Screened for Hepatitis C Global Employee Health and Fitness Month Mediterranean Diet How to Eat Right? Embracing the Med Diet is all about making some simple but profound changes in the way you eat today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. Eat lots of vegetables. From a simple plate of sliced fresh tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and crumbled feta cheese to stunning salads, garlicky greens, fragrant soups and stews, healthy pizzas, or oven-roasted medleys, vegetables are vitally important to the fresh tastes and delicious flavors of the Med Diet. Change the way you think about meat. If you eat meat, have smaller amounts – small strips of sirloin in a vegetable sauté, or a dish of pasta garnished with …

Patient Experience at the Doctor's Office: Coby Tyner Explains

Coby Tyner is the Practice Administrator at Liver Specialists of Texas with Dr. Joe Galati. Coby joins Dr. Galati this evening on Yor Health First to give some usefull tips on how to have a better patient-physician experience. Coby will also mention that Liver Specialists of Texas has several positions available within the practice. If interested, reach out to Coby directly, either by e-mail ( or by phone 713-634-5103.  

Poison Control Awareness Week

March 19-25 is Nation Poison Prevention Week. This is an opportunity to learn about best practices on how you can prevent accidents related to poisoning. Below is a list of excellent sites to to review and share with your family and friends. National Poison Prevention Week Liquid Nicotine Safety Laundry Detergent Packet Safety Poison Control Information Home Prevention Poison Safety Disposing Old Medicines

Ask the Experts: Free Learning Program with Dr. Joe Galati

A free learning event, sponsored by the American Liver Foundation, will take place Thursday, January 19th, starting at 5:00 p.m. "Ask the Experts" will discuss several of the most important liver related topics facing the public, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Fatty Liver Disease. Along with Dr. Joe Galati, he will be joined by Dr. Charles Phan, and Dr. John Vierling. The event will take place at the Health Museum, located in Houston's Museum District, located at 1515 Hermann Drive. To RSVP the event, call 713-249-8325.