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Questions About Diabetes: Dr. Sadhu Joins Dr. Galati

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Archana Sadhu will be joining Dr. Joe Galati, discussing a wide range of topics related to diabetes. Diabetes affects over 29,000,000 Americans. Dr. Sadhu is a diabetes expert at Houston Methodist Hospital. Links to share regarding diabetes are listed below. Diabetes Statistics Type 1 Diabetes information Type II Diabetes information Diabetes Meal Planning Diabetes Complications Fatty Liver: A Complication of Diabetes-Dr. Galati Explains Centers for Disease Control: Diabetes Page  

High Sodium Diets and Cardiac Death: There is a Connection

This week, Dr. Joe Galati discusses this article, published a few weeks ago in New England Journal Medicine, which discusses a new global study connecting dietary salt intake and cardiac deaths. An amazing article, we all need to take a look as to the amout of salt we all have in our diets. Read the NEJM article here.  

Brett Sanders and HeartGift: Latest on Life Saving Surgery

Dr. Joe Galati had the opportunity to talk with Brett Sanders and get an update on the local activitiesof HeartGift in the local Houston market. HeartGift provided life saving open heart surgery for children in need from all around the world, free of charge. Listen to the interview here.   Brett Sanders and Heart Gift: Update on Life Saving Surgery in Houston by Your Health First Radio on Mixcloud