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Heart Awareness Month with Dr. Kristin Newby-Duke University

The month of February is American Heart Awareness Month. During this month, we want to highlight the facts you need to know about heart disease for yourself and your loved ones. Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Kristin Newby, a cardiologist from Duke University, will join Dr. Galati and discuss some of the key "heart facts" the public needs to know about. Follow these links below for details. Look through them and share this article and the information cantained on these pages. Cardiac Risk Factors Why Cholesterol Matters Warning Signs of a Heart Attack Heart Attack Symptoms in Women  

High Sodium Diets and Cardiac Death: There is a Connection

This week, Dr. Joe Galati discusses this article, published a few weeks ago in New England Journal Medicine, which discusses a new global study connecting dietary salt intake and cardiac deaths. An amazing article, we all need to take a look as to the amout of salt we all have in our diets. Read the NEJM article here.