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Glycemic Index: The List to Follow

Tonight, Dr. Joe Galati discussed the value of the Glycemic Index. For more informaton, follow this link.

Kidney Disease: What You Need to Know-Dr. Peter Nguyen and Dr. Juan Olivero

This week, Dr. Peter Nguyen and Dr. Juan Olivero join Dr. Galati Sunday night to discuss the various forms of kidney disease they see. Dr. Nguyen and Olivero are expert kidney specialists (nephrologists) who will explain the conditions they treat. Most importantly, they discuss the various risk factors for kidney disease, and alert the listeners tonight to be alert to their own risk factors and the need to take these risk factors seriously. To learn about Dr. Olivero and Dr. Peter Nguyen, visit their practice website here. Here are links of interest regarding kidney disease. A to Z Guide to Kidney Disease Kidney Diseas in the African American Patient Diabetes and Kidney Disease Kidney Disease and Nutrition Kidney Transplant Houston Methodist Hospital Hemodialysis

Feeding Children Breakfast: What Parents Need to Know

School across America starts this week. Feeding your children a healthy breakfast is most important. Parents need to take the time to plan for breakfast, making sure all of the required ingredients are available each morning. Here are some tips on preferred breakfast cereals, and other nutritious breakfast ideas. Healthiest Breakfast Cereals Breatfast Cereals Compared Top Breakfast Ideas Healthy Egg Recipes Grandma Galati Discussed Feeding You Children

Questions About Diabetes: Dr. Sadhu Joins Dr. Galati

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Archana Sadhu will be joining Dr. Joe Galati, discussing a wide range of topics related to diabetes. Diabetes affects over 29,000,000 Americans. Dr. Sadhu is a diabetes expert at Houston Methodist Hospital. Links to share regarding diabetes are listed below. Diabetes Statistics Type 1 Diabetes information Type II Diabetes information Diabetes Meal Planning Diabetes Complications Fatty Liver: A Complication of Diabetes-Dr. Galati Explains Centers for Disease Control: Diabetes Page  

Ryan Stanton, M.D., Emergency Medicine Physician, Joins Dr. Joe Galati and Your Health First this Weekend

Dr. Ryan Stanton, and Emergency Medicine physician from Lexington, KY, discusses summer safety with Dr. Galati. Links of interest are posted below. Prevent Dehydration Forbes: Dehydration Prevention Preventing Dehydration this Summer Summer Safety Tips  

Abby Auerbach: Sol La La Creator and CEO

Abby Auerbach, Creator and CEO of Sol La La UV blocking clothing, will be a guest with Dr. Joe Galati this weekend. Last week Dr. Galati discussed the damaging effects of the sun, including the increased risk of skin cancer.  Listeners this week will get FREE SHIPPING for orders placed, by typing YOURHEALTHFIRST (No Spaces) in the special offer box at checkout. Make your order by going to the Sol La La website at www.sollala.com. Listen to Abby Auerbach below.    

Sun Safety: Sol La La Clothing and More

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati discusses various aspects of sun safety, sun burn, and the risk of skin cancer. Links of interest are posted below, and he also hightlights a new company that is manufacturing a clothing line specificially to protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sol La La has a line of clothing that block 97% of these harmful rays. Please share these links, and stay healthy this Fourth of July weekend. Sol La La American Cancer Society: How to Prevent Skin Cancer Skin Cancer Foundation: Prevention Guidelines CDC: Tips on Preventing Skin Cancer TIPS to Prevent Skin Cancer  

Hepatitis Awareness Month: Dr. Joe Galati Explains

The month of May is Hepatitis Awareness Month. Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati goes into detail discussing the various features of hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Below are important links he discusses tonight. Share them with your friends and family. Are you at risk for hepatitis? Take the online test here Overview of Hepatitis A Hepatitis Fact Sheet Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C: GET TESTED  

Diabetes A to Z: Dr. Archana Sadhu-Diabetes Expert

Archana Sadhu, M.D. will be joining Dr. Joe Galati tonight in the studio to discuss all aspects of diabetes. Dr. Sadhu is a diabetes expert at Houston Methodist Hospital. Links of interest on diabetes are listed below: Diabetes: Are you at risk? Diabetes basics Diabetes Myths Diabetes Complications  

Sailing Angels and Captain Dave McCabe

The Sailing Angels Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, based in the Greater Houston area.   As an opportunity for education and recreational therapy, we introduce the joy of sailing to special children with cognitive, physical or emotional needs or chronic illnesses. Also invited are wounded warriors and military veterans.  We encourage the family unit to come.  The special participants are encouraged to work on the boat to the best of their abilities. Results of this unique ‘hydro-therapy’ can be seen on their happy faces. This is frequently a positive life-changing experience for them … and their families, and those of us who serve them! Use the registration page to sign up for an upcoming adventure. Use the contact page to address your questions, express interest about volunteering or donating, or to sign up for our newsletter.