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Dr. Howard Huang Discussed Lung Disease with Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

Dr. Howard Huang from Houston Methodist Hospital will be joining Dr. Joe Galati this evening to discuss lung disease and what you need to do to keep your lungs healthy. Dr. Huang is the Medical Director of the Lung Transplant program at Houston Methodist Hospital. Houston Methodist Hospital has one of the top lung transplant programs in the United States. Tonight, Dr. Huang and Galati will be talking about various forms of chronic lung disease, smoking, the ille-effects of vaping, and strategies to keep healthy. Check out these lung related topics to share. COPD Vaping Asthma Pulmonary Hypertension Lung Transplant

Chuck Garcia Joins Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

Longtime friend of Dr. Galati, and fellow health enthusiast, Chuck Garcia will be joining Dr. Galati this evening to discuss strategies for eating out, and selecting the proper food. Stressing mindfulness, Dr. Galati and Chuck should have a robust discussion regarding this most important wellness topic. Tune in and learn.

Health Gifts this Christmas Season: Dr. Galati Explains

Still in need of a last minute Christmas present? Dr. Joe Galati has made an outline of some presents to consider, that are both well priced for most budgets, and have an overall healthy theme to them. He will be discussing them on the radio tonight and explain further. The link to the article is posted. Click here for details and your buyers guide to some great healthful ideas!.

Anna Stuchly and Natalie Amante Join Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

With the Christmas and Holiday Season here, fighting weight gain and overeating is always a challenge. Tonight on Your Health First, Anna Stuchly and Natalie Amante will be in-studio with Dr. Joe Galati going over some practical guidelines on how to keep from overeating and gaining weight. See the articles below for some really good ideas to share and follow. 20 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain  Holiday Health Tips 50 Foods NOT to Eat This Holiday Season Healthy Foods to Serve this Christmas

Dr. Joe Galati's Simple Eggplant Parm Recipe

This past week, Dr. Joe Galati discussed his very simple eggplant parmesan recipe - which is a great way to develop a taste for eggplant. Simple to make, it's a recipe you can make with your children this summer. The recipe is posted here.

Opioid Crisis: Becky Vance Joins Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

Becky Vance with Drug Prevention Resources will be on the radio tonight with Dr. Joe Galati, discussing several topocs related to drug abuse and the opioid epidemic. Links of interest are posted below. Parent Resources Parents Guide to Prevention Opioid Prevention Drug Guide for Parents        

Eating Yourself Sick: Dr. Joe Galati's Book Due Out in April

Dr. Galati is pleased to announce that in late April 2018, his new book "Eating Yourself Sick" will be available in book stores and on-line. A recent video about the book is posted below. Stay tuned...if you have questions, feel free to send him an e-mail through this website.

Dr. Joe Galati Discusses His Best Vegetables to Eat

Tonight on Your Health First. Dr. Joe Galati reviews some of the best vegetables to eat. In many cases, everyone gets settled in and will only make vegetables they are comfortable with. He wants you to expand and add additional flavor to your cooking style. This list outlines some of the best foods to consider. Take a look and start cooking.  Best Food to Eat: Learn More Here.

Dr. Joe Galati Discusses Alcohol Awareness: A Topic for Everyone

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati explained the need for alcohol awareness, and talks about National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. It is most important to share this information with your family, friends, and co-workers- - - anyone who you think may be suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse. Here are the links Dr. Galati is suggesting for tonights program: Effects of Alcohol on the Body: Download and Share Family Check-Up Facts on Alcohol