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Willie Nelson Quits Pot

This week, it was made public that Willie Nelson has given up smoking marijuana. But he may still be using non-smoked weed. He is claiming lung damage as the reason behing his quitting. There is no doubt smoking pot harms your lungs. Posted below is a nice summary from the American Lung Associating outlining these findings. Marajuana and the Lungs #willienelson #marijuana #lungdisease

Alcohol Abuse Resources

This week on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati discusses resources for alcohol abouse that you should be familiar with. The holiday season, when students are home from school, is a good time to have these sensative discussions. It is always best to be well informed of these topics. Dr. Galati has selected links for everyone. National Instute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Alcohol Statistics Alcohol Abuse and Health Partnership for Drug Free Kids      

#Diabetes Special Program Tonight

Tonight on Your Health First, Dr. Joe Galati will be joined by Anthony Santos, R.N., Nurse Practitioner, who for the past 10 years has specialized on diabetic patients and diabetic care. Anthony has just started working at Liver Specialists of Texas. Also joining tonights conversation will be Helen Yuan, RD, who manages the fatty liver cases at Liver Specialists of Texas with Dr. Galati. Tonight, they will discuss the following topics: Statistics on diabetes Type 1 vs Type 2 Risk factors for diabetes What is the general perception by the patient as to what diabetes is? What are the educational/knowledge gaps with the public regarding diabetes? Complications of diabetes? General comments on therapy for diabetes: insulin vs oral medicines? Comment on “tight control” of diabetes? Have we lost the ability to be “intensive” with DM control? It takes work and …

Dietary Fiber Facts: Dr. Joe Galati Explains

Nothing is more important than dietary fiber. The goal is 35-40 grams daily. For most, this is a misunderstood part of our nutritional needs. In this brief video, Dr. Joe Galati explains all you need to know, to get on the proper fiber path. For more info regarding fiber, check ot Dr. Galati's recent BLOG post.

Anahad O'Connor, NY Times, Joins Dr. Joe Galati Tonight

Anahad O'Connor from the NY Times, will be joining Dr. Joe Galati this evening to discuss two of his latest articles published in the Times. Anahad is a journalist and staff reporter for the New York Times. He joined the Times in 2003 and writes about consumer health, science and national issues. He is also a bestselling author. O'Connor studied neuroscience and has a degree in psychology from Yale University. The first article has to do with dietary supplements and cardiac health. Bottom line: they don't work. Only a low salt diet, omega-3-fatty acids (those in fish oil, and folate supplements may work, though there are details in the recommendations that don't give these supplemnts a 100% clear need to take. The article is available here for review. A quote from the article: “People who are taking these supplements for the sake …

Justin Batt, Founder Daddy Saturday, Joins Dr. Galati Tonight

Justin Batt, founder of Daddy Saturday, comes on Your Health First this evening to discuss his new book, and the tools he has developed to foster better parenting skills for men around the globe. There is a definite connection between an intact family, fatherhood, and the wellness of our children. Tune in for all the details. Listen to the entire interview on the podcast located here.