On Sunday May 6th 2007, I had the opportunity to discuss on the program a list of "15 Super Foods" with Chuck Garcia, an expert on nutrition (as well as a long-time friend of mine). This segment was so well received by the listeners that I am now posting the list here for even great distribution.
In the months that have passed, this article remains one of the most popular segments we have ever done. Listeners are concerned about nutrition.
Understanding nutrition is such an important part of health and wellness, as well as disease prevention. I am not claiming that nutrition is the only cure for disease. Disease prevention, treatment, and education is a complex matter, keeping in mind that nutrition is a vital part of the entire process. Most adults have a limited understanding of nutrition, and tend to eat the same foods over and over again. Use this list of 15 Super Foods to expand your nutritional horizons. Experiment with them, and see which ones you like, or could get to like. A complement to this list is a web site I always talk about, and feel is one of the finest for those interested in food and nutrition. The World's Healthiest Foods can be used to look-up these super foods, to get additional ideas on how to prepare these foods and enjoy them even further.
Share this list with your friends and family. I will be talking about these food again in the weeks to come.
Here is to good health, and keeping Your Health First.
Dr. Galati