With the New Year here, everyone is taking stock of the health concerns for the year, and deciding how they can be better at caring for their health. Below I have listed 10 health topics and areas to consider as we move forward.
 Colon Cancer: If you are 50 years of ago or older, you need a colonoscopy. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death, and the most preventable. Read more

 Love Your Liver: Do you know your ALT reading? Do you have risk factors for hepatitis C? Have you been vaccinated for hepatitis A and B? Have you been told you have a fatty liver? How much alcohol do you consume? Read more

 Prostate Cancer: This is the most common cancer in men, with 190,000 new cases yearly, and 30,000 deaths. More common in African-American men, strong family history, and associated with obesity and diets high in red meats. Get your PSA checked. Read more

 Get Your BMI Under 24: Obesity kills. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and cancer are associated with obesity. How to lose weight? Exercise, portion control, low sodium diets, less fat, less simple carbs, more fruits and veggies. You need to eat a colorful diet. Read more

 Consider Taking a Fish Oil Supplement: Omega-3-Fatty Acids are natural anti-inflammatory agents, thin your blood, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, even your mood. I like GNC’s Triple Strength Fish Oil (2 per day). Read more

 Quit Smoking: Lung cancer is still the number 1 killer. Stroke and heart disease, COPD. Contact the American Cancer Association’s smoke-enders hot line for support. Second hand smoke is harmful. Read more

 Talk To Your Kids About Drugs:  Know how to spot alcohol and drug use. Learn the slang. Read more

 Know The 15 Super Foods: Eat them daily! Read more

Don’t Ignore Heartburn: The number of cases of cancer of the esophagus is up. The prevalence of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is up. Don’t self medicate with over the counter medications. Read more

Are You Safe?: Smoke detectors that work, get a carbon monoxide monitor, wear your seat belt, cell phone and texting use in the car, speeding, and drunk driving. Read more