Medical Minute Audio and Video

Childhood Obesity: Medical Minute

In this weeks Medical Minute, Dr. Galati discusses a new research article regarding childhood obesity.

Dr. David Pate: Interview Regarding Healthcare Reform

Tonight on Your Health First. Dr. David Pate, CEO and President of St. Luke's Healthcare System, discusses with Dr ...

Broccoli and Joint Health: Medical Minute

This week, Dr. Joe Galati discusses brocolli and the benefit it has, based on new research, on joint health.

Feeding Children Breakfast

This past week, Dr. Joe Galati interviewed his mother, who is 85 years old, and loves to talk about feeding ...

Dietary Salt: Dr. Galati's Medical Minute

Listen to Dr. Galati expalain the latest on dietary salt.

Increased Stroke Rate in America Podcast: Your Health ...

This podcast discusses the increasing risk of stroke in younger adults in America.

Dangerous Drugs in the Elderly: Dr. Joe Galati ...

This is a recent podcast on dangerous drugs in the elderly.